From our day to day work, delivering Digital Transformation projects for a wide range of organizations, we learned a lot from our customers. As we got involved in complex Digital Transformation programs, we were part of the thinking process, experimentation, prototyping, and bringing to life new concepts, solutions, or services.

On the other hand, some of the organizations we interact with are struggling with understanding where to start and how to leverage low-code in their digital transformation.

We decided to package our experience to address the needs of these organizations and defined a set of services that can help to start or reinforce your company's transformation initiatives and provide expertise to handle change in an agile way across all the innovation lifecycle. 

Being with our customers we noticed the specific need to cover strategic and orchestration experiences. Reinforce company transformation initiatives and provide expertise to handle innovation in an agile way. 

Indigo is known in the market by the strong capacity to deliver OutSystems solutions and expert knowledge as development teams, factory management, architecture, and specialized services.

In our engagements, we noticed specific customer needs in more strategic and orchestration areas. Those kinds of requirements often limit the company’s capacity to control the global transformation activities guiding successfully the different tasks and assure convenient focus on the initial goals.

Having this need in mind Indigo developed a set of services that are related and can be integrated to support your company on the challenge of transformation.

The overall orchestration is assured with the Indigo Transformation that will design with you the basics of the transformation program giving visibility of the different milestones reporting the evolution constantly.

During the transformation process, the business needs to be challenged with new ideas and be supported when their ideas want to become reality. Digital Think Tank will professionalize the way your business challenges and Ideas are transformed to be developed as PoCs or Projects by your development team or the Digital Factory. In an agile way, we provide the global orchestration to transform your business imagination into business value solutions. 

Additionally to the main operations workflow, you can use the Application Strategy to work with your teams to evaluate and prioritize application backlog, implementing first the solutions that will bring you the most value. Also to build a backlog of projects aligned with your business objectives and organization needs. 

Pick the more disruptive ideas and test them validating the executability and build the module to be integrated into your solutions out-of-the-box, with Innovation Spikes you will be able to discover, design, test and having possible implement the Spike into a valuable module to be integrated as core component into your existent or future solutions.

Unknown problems are also great sources of ideas and solutions. Using tools such as Design Thinking you are able to redesign options, look at reality, and use your strengths to rethink and build other or different ways of doing your business, communicating, etc.

The mood is “forward is the only way”! Count on Indigo to jump forward with you.