July 1 , 2020

Remote Employee Wellness

Since COVID-19 appeared, remote work established itself as the new norm. It will for sure live on after the pandemic we are dealing with. Together with our good friends at Hi-Interactive, and using OutSystems, Indigo built an App to help organizations bootstrap their remote wellness initiatives.

Remote work has been around for more than a decade, and we have been adopting it slowly, but at a growing pace.

In the wake of COVID-19, organizations had no choice other than reimagining the way they engage with all stakeholders - in particular, with employees. Remote is the new norm, and, to some extent, this model is bound to stay, long after COVID-19 is eventually gone.

Looking at this scenario, we brainstormed on how to help companies improve their employees’ wellness and productivity. The conclusion was that the best way to help would be for Indigo and Hi-Interactive to do what we do best: design a beautiful mobile experience for the company to engage with its employees.

We went through and designed and implemented a mobile experience that lets companies publish news and events, share contacts for company procedures and resources, assess employee satisfaction, assess and register health symptoms (and other assessments), book a visit to the office (and keep track of visitors for each day/location) and even help employees take a break at a virtual coffee machine!

And what else? Well, all of this is built on top of OutSystems, meaning you can easily adapt, customize, and extend it to address your particular organization context and goals.

Indigo and Hi-Interactive invite you to discuss your Remote Wellness Strategy with us - and maybe, quickstart it with “Remote employee Wellness”, that we’ll share free of charge.



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