Low-code factory management

Indigo designed the processes, staffed and operated an OutSystems low-code factory that supports five parallel development teams.

Indigo is a long term partner for one of esystems OutSystems low-code factories.


This particular factory supports four to five permanent development teams with parallel threads and independent delivery cycles.

Indigo provided some of the key roles, including Factory Manager, Architect, Tech-Leads and some of the development capacity.

The team has proved itself very skilled, flexible and a contributor to positive dynamics in the project. The responsibility in the project included designing the processes, the overall solution architecture and coaching the customer team on how to leverage OutSystems low-code and Agile to deliver top-notch digital transformation solutions with consistent pace and quality.



4+ years

The factory foundation has proved itself during the years, supporting the changes in technology, connected systems and strategy

4-5 teams

At any given moment in time, several teams are working in parallel, producing and consuming APIs from other teams in an interdependent yet organized way

500+ screens

The factory has grown in size to exceed the initial projection of size and complexity, yet the foundations stay in place.

team in the


"Indigo is working with us on several projects as a trusted partner due to their experience with enterprise-grade solutions, the outstanding ability to deliver with OutSystems, and the team spirit they always bring."

Mika Roivainen, CEO, esystems

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