Privacy Policy

1. "Personal Data" Usage

1.1 The user who submits forms, containing personal data, on the website and landing pages of Indigo becomes the holder of that data and will be designated from now on as "User".

1.2 When submitting forms on Indigo Leap, Lda website, hereinafter referred to as "Indigo", you must read and indicate that you have read the terms of their Personal Data Protection Policy.

1.3 This Personal Data Protection Policy applies to all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person that is inserted by the same or collected and / or stored by Indigo through the various forms on this site or landing pages.

1.4 The User has the right to, in addition, update or supplement the information already provided with new Personal Data.

1.5 All data provided voluntarily by the holder (user of the site) and whose treatment of them has been unequivocally authorized by him, may be processed by Indigo. In the case of subcontractors (duly identified), there must also be authorization of the user to process their data.

1.6 Indigo guarantees the safeguarding of the right to the protection of all personal data that is transmitted voluntarily by its owner (user of the site) and whose treatment has been unequivocally authorized by it.

1.7 In order to protect the personal information of Users and data subjects, Indigo shall apply the appropriate security measures to the national and Community practices established by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, 27 April 2016. These measures are of a technical, organizational and administrative nature and serve to protect personal data from misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction thereof.

1.8 Indigo reserves the right to update this privacy policy without the need for any prior notice.

2. The collection and use of personal data and other personal information

2.1 The personal data provided by the User results from the mandatory completion of the fields indicated in the respective form, and should be limited to those that are necessary for the purposes intended, according to the following model:


Contact Us (Form) EN

Data requested: Name, Email, Company, Phone, Message

End purpose: The data provided will be used to contact the client, to answer any queries. Subsequently it will be used to send the newsletter.

‍3. Consent of the holder

3.1 In addition to the specific purposes mentioned in 2.1, the User authorizes Indigo to use the personal data mentioned therein for activities related to the promotion of its services, including direct marketing.

3.2 The User accepts that by failing to provide all requested information, it may prevent proper processing by Indigo which may therefore refuse such partial collection of data and consequent processing and, even if it is not a reason for refusal, may imply the impossibility of benefiting from the full functionalities present on the website and / or landing pages of Indigo, which may affect the effectiveness of subsequent submissions, computer treatments, consultations and contacts.

3.3 The User has the right to withdraw the consent to use his / her personal data at any time and does not jeopardize the legality of the processing of data previously performed based on the previously given consent.

‍4. Retention of personal data

4.1 Personal Data is retained by Indigo as long as the existing relationships between this Company and the respective Holders remain in force, or because the purpose for which they were collected is maintained, in order to allow the Identification of Holders until they have definitively ceased these relationships. Except in cases where the law establishes different deadlines, the collected data will be destroyed at the end of its defined period:

For the purposes of disclosure and / or marketing: 180 days from the date of consent;

Data relating to employees of the company: 5 years after termination of the contract;

Data of customers and suppliers: 2 years after the termination of the service contract;

Data that imply the Money Laundering Law can only be destroyed after 7 years;

Accounting data, including tax and Social Security processing, can only be destroyed after 10 years.

‍5. Rights of data owners

5.1 The data subject may, at any time, exercise the rights to access, rectify and erase their Personal Data. The User may also request the rectification and / or deletion of his / her personal data by email or by postal mail to the address:

Rua Actor Vasco Santana 20

1500-020 Benfica, Lisboa

(attaching to its request a photocopy of a valid document that identifies it, in accordance with european directive, the Personal Data Protection Law no. 67/98 of 26 October)

5.2 The user or holder of personal data may, as a recipient of email marketing communications sent by Indigo, deactivate the sending of the same through the option "deactivate / unsubscribe" present in the footer of all communications sent.

5.3 The User or holder of personal data may activate and deactivate the sending of direct marketing actions, namely email marketing, through the selection or not of the check box that says "I declare that I have read the Policy of Protection of Personal Data and that I authorize the use of the data provided for the purposes indicated therein."

‍6. Obligations of entities involved in data processing

6.1 Each entity involved in the processing of users' personal data is obliged to comply with applicable data protection legislation, in particular as regards the security and confidentiality of its processing.

6.2 Those responsible for the processing of Personal Data, as well as persons who in the performance of their duties are aware of them, are bound by professional secrecy, in accordance with the law.

‍7. Data on Job applications

7.1 Personal data that Users share with Indigo for the purpose of applying for open positions or applying spontaneously through the platforms provided by the company will only be used for recruitment purposes.

7.2 All personal data of job candidates shared with Indigo will be kept in the company database and will not be shared with third parties without the prior consent of the holder of the same data. These data will be kept in database for a maximum period of 270 days, after which they will be permanently erased and / or destroyed.

7.3 All applicants who share their personal data with Indigo have the right to change them at any time, to be forgotten and to be informed about the processing of the same data when requested. To this end, the applicant may contact Indigo by email (, identifying themselves and submitting their application.


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©2020 Indigo All Rights Reserved.   Privacy Policy

©2020 Indigo All Rights Reserved.   Privacy Policy

©2020 Indigo All Rights Reserved.   Privacy Policy

©2020 Indigo All Rights Reserved.   
 Privacy Policy