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Transformation with Indigo

From our day to day work, delivering Digital Transformation projects for a wide range of organizations, we learned a lot from our customers. As we got involved in complex Digital Transformation programs, we were part of the thinking process, experimentation, prototyping, and bringing to life new concepts, solutions, or services.

On the other hand, some of the organizations we interact with are struggling with understanding where to start and how to leverage low-code in their digital transformation.

We decided to package our experience to address the needs of these organizations and defined a set of services that can help to start or reinforce your company's transformation initiatives and provide expertise to handle change in an agile way across all the innovation lifecycle. 

Being with our customers we noticed the specific need to cover strategic and orchestration experiences. Reinforce company transformation initiatives and provide expertise to handle innovation in an agile way. 

Indigo is known in the market by the strong capacity to deliver OutSystems solutions and expert knowledge as development teams, factory management, architecture, and specialized services.

In our engagements, we noticed specific customer needs in more strategic and orchestration areas. Those kinds of requirements often limit the company’s capacity to control the global transformation activities guiding successfully the different tasks and assure convenient focus on the initial goals.

Having this need in mind Indigo developed a set of services that are related and can be integrated to support your company on the challenge of transformation.

The overall orchestration is assured with the Indigo Transformation that will design with you the basics of the transformation program giving visibility of the different milestones reporting the evolution constantly.

During the transformation process, the business needs to be challenged with new ideas and be supported when their ideas want to become reality. Digital Think Tank will professionalize the way your business challenges and Ideas are transformed to be developed as PoCs or Projects by your development team or the Digital Factory. In an agile way, we provide the global orchestration to transform your business imagination into business value solutions. 

Additionally to the main operations workflow, you can use the Application Strategy to work with your teams to evaluate and prioritize application backlog, implementing first the solutions that will bring you the most value. Also to build a backlog of projects aligned with your business objectives and organization needs. 

Pick the more disruptive ideas and test them validating the executability and build the module to be integrated into your solutions out-of-the-box, with Innovation Spikes you will be able to discover, design, test and having possible implement the Spike into a valuable module to be integrated as core component into your existent or future solutions.

Unknown problems are also great sources of ideas and solutions. Using tools such as Design Thinking you are able to redesign options, look at reality, and use your strengths to rethink and build other or different ways of doing your business, communicating, etc.

The mood is “forward is the only way”! Count on Indigo to jump forward with you.

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Confined?? Get certified! :-)

Being confined - or not being confined, but helping everyone by not going out and staying at home when possible - we get a lot of extra time. 

We are happy to look back on this period and see that several of us decided to use part of that extra time for self-improvement. A substantial portion of the studying and certification was around the OutSystems low-code technology we work with everyday.

We had 22 new Individual certifications during the last three months, including several Associate Tech-Leads and three more Expert Developers. And we also got Sales and Pre-Sales Associate Certifications.

We are very proud of our achievements, especially because we feel that they show on paper what we bring to the projects every day and leverage to our customers’ benefit.

July 1, 20203297 Comments

Remote Employee Wellness

Since COVID-19 appeared, remote work established itself as the new norm. It will for sure live on after the pandemic we are dealing with. Together with our good friends at Hi-Interactive, and using OutSystems, Indigo built an App to help organizations bootstrap their remote wellness initiatives.

Remote work has been around for more than a decade, and we have been adopting it slowly, but at a growing pace.

In the wake of COVID-19, organizations had no choice other than reimagining the way they engage with all stakeholders - in particular, with employees. Remote is the new norm, and, to some extent, this model is bound to stay, long after COVID-19 is eventually gone.

Looking at this scenario, we brainstormed on how to help companies improve their employees’ wellness and productivity. The conclusion was that the best way to help would be for Indigo and Hi-Interactive to do what we do best: design a beautiful mobile experience for the company to engage with its employees.

We went through and designed and implemented a mobile experience that lets companies publish news and events, share contacts for company procedures and resources, assess employee satisfaction, assess and register health symptoms (and other assessments), book a visit to the office (and keep track of visitors for each day/location) and even help employees take a break at a virtual coffee machine!

And what else? Well, all of this is built on top of OutSystems, meaning you can easily adapt, customize, and extend it to address your particular organization context and goals.

Indigo and Hi-Interactive invite you to discuss your Remote Wellness Strategy with us - and maybe, quickstart it with “Remote employee Wellness”, that we’ll share free of charge.

June 21, 2020195 Comments

New image for Indigo

We started Indigo 6 months ago. During this time, we integrated a significant number of new colleagues: Their contribution, together with experience from the forefront of Digital Transformation with low-code, helped shape who we are and what we aim for.

It was only natural that now that we are aiming further and higher, our corporate image materializes and conveys who we are and what we stand for.

The collaborative process we applied for the rebranding received feedback from most of our colleagues. Strangely - or not - we were mostly aligned regarding corporate goals and identity.

We see ourselves as agile, reliable, and trustable. And we wanted our image to convey that message in a dynamic, yet sober, way. Oh, and we wanted the color to be Indigo!

The new image embodies these attributes, in a contemporary tone, while maintaining a strong connection with the former one - and the past that brought us to where we are now and that we are so proud of!

We hope you will enjoy our new image as much as we do!

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