Flexmeester temporary labor management

Flexmeester temporary labor management

Flexmeester is an intuitive and simple web app conceived by experts from the broadcasting industry that covers the full width of temporary labor management activities.





One app, multiple scenarios

The Flexmeester web application covers the full life cycle of managing temporary employees with strict adherence to the industry rules. Being completely web-based, Flexmeester has access via all devices and also on the road.

The application is designed to have a very easy registration of candidates, customers, contact persons and suppliers. It has a good management support through various dashboards, an integrated support for mutual invoicing and self-billing for freelancers, an extensive integrated financial administration and a fully integrated payroll administration.

It’s also possible to configure management reports, roles and rights per user.


"It has been a great journey with the Indigo team. From the beginning of Flexmeester's development, all the participants showed a strong commitment to meet our goals and demonstrated the knowledge needed to leverage the best out of the Outsystems platform. A reliable partner, for the long term."

Fred Mulder

Flexmeester Director

Team participation

Indigo helped to develop the Flexmeester web application using OutSystems low code platform. The Indigo team started to develop the Web Services that facilitate the main application to communicate externally using SETU Standard.

The team also developed clear dashboards for daily activities and management needs and prepared the external integrations in order to be able to process invoicing. The team is still on board, with more OutSystems consultants preparing the first version of the app for the first semester of 2021.

3 Devs

100+ CLAs mantained

800+ web and mobile screens

About Flexmeester

A Dutch startup ready to become the leading player for small to medium-sized companies in the temporary employment business. The goal of this company is to build a broad package in which the user will no longer have to worry in complying with the legislation and regulations of this industry, avoiding a lot of mistakes from the common use of spreadsheets and paperwork.

Conceived by experts, Flexmeester offers a unified complete solution that covers all management needs in an intuitive and simple user interface, making it possible to fully master the application in half a day.

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